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Restorative Dentistry in Hendersonville

• Returning Your Gallatin Smile to Glory •

Connor Family Dentistry offers restorative dentistry services which ensure that your smile is complete and healthy.

Your Mouth Get’s a Work Out

When you think about how often you use your teeth and jaws daily, it only seems right that they should function flawlessly. We know that your natural teeth are best, and whenever possible, we’ll try to save them. Long-term complications in your oral health can be caused by decay, disease, trauma, and missing teeth. When these conditions are present, your healthy teeth must compensate for the ones that aren’t working properly. It’s possible that you’re not even aware of your smile’s full potential, because you’ve gotten used to its current functionality.

With the right combination of restorative dentistry services, Connor Family Dentistry can complete your smile and elevate it to a level of both aesthetic perfection and full functionality. Every restoration we create stays as true to your natural appearance as possible. We match the color and shade of your teeth and ensure that the restoration is seamless. All anyone will notice is your beautiful new smile. And you’ll be amazed at how durable our restorations are and how well your smile works.


Whether you need a simple dental filling, or are considering pristine restorations for dental implants, we’re here for you. We have a variety of restorative dentistry options, so you can get exactly what you need to improve and enhance your smile. With our CEREC technology and attention to detail, every restoration we create is made with the highest quality materials and suited exactly for your smile. Our restorations promote longevity and durability, allowing you to get the full, complete smile you deserve.

Tooth decay, also known as dental caries or cavities, occurs when bacteria breaks down the enamel layer of your tooth. We’ll remove the affected area, and fill the hole with a composite, tooth-colored resin. After the resin cures, you’ll be able to use your tooth normally, and you’ll be free of the decay-associated pain. The restoration blends with your natural teeth, and the fillings are durable and effective. Dental fillings are one of the most common procedures performed across all areas of dentistry, and Connor Family Dentistry makes the whole process simple and quick.

There are certain situations where a tooth cannot accept a traditional filling. When the area of decay is too large, the structure of the tooth can weaken if a traditional dental filling is used. Patients with moderate decay can find a successful restoration with porcelain inlays or onlays. These restorations typically strengthen the tooth’s structure, meaning additional support from a dental crown is generally not required. After the decayed area is removed, the porcelain restoration is bonded to the tooth. Inlays cover the inner biting surface of the tooth, up to the cusps, while onlays extend over the cusps to the outer surface. Our inlays and onlays are crafted from high-quality porcelain, and with our CEREC technology, we can make them right on site! If decay is present, we have options to eliminate and restore your teeth, even when traditional fillings aren’t possible. Let us get your smile exactly where it needs to be.

Dental crowns are used to add support to teeth that have been weakened due to disease or decay, and often in conjunction with teeth that have received endodontic therapy. These little “caps” fit over the entire surface of the tooth and are crafted to match your existing natural teeth. First, we take digital scans of your teeth to ensure that our custom-made crowns fit perfectly. Next, we’ll bond the permanent crown to your tooth and ensure you regain full functionality and longevity of the restoration. Dr. Connor and Dr. Allred create custom dental crowns using our CEREC same-day technology. Our dental crowns are durable and seamless, allowing you to have a strong, beautiful smile you deserve.

Patients with missing teeth can find a natural-looking replacement option with dental implants. Mimicking a tooth’s root, a dental implant uses a titanium abutment surgically placed into the jaw bone. As it heals, the bone will fuse to the implant, and create a support for a prosthetic restoration. If you’re missing teeth and are considering dental implants, we’ll be happy to place your implant right here in the comfort of our office. Dr. Connor and Dr. Allred can custom-craft a dental crown to restore your implant after it’s healed. Dental implants promote your oral health, as they stop the bone from atrophying over time, and are the closest replacement option to your natural teeth. Ask us how dental implants can complete your smile.

If the thought of having a root canal makes you cringe, have no fear. At Connor Family Dentistry, we’ll change the way you think about endodontics, more commonly called “root canals”. This necessary treatment has received a negative reputation, but it’s mostly due to perceptions of how root canals feel, as opposed to actual discomfort. If the pulp of a tooth becomes infected, it’s imperative that we remove the infection as soon as possible in order to save your natural tooth. Infected teeth can abscess, which can lead to major discomfort and toothaches. Once the infection is treated, the pain should subside. We perform anterior and premolar endodontic therapy in our office. For more advanced endodontic therapy, like molars or retreats, we’d be happy to refer you to a skilled specialist.

Sometimes it may be impossible to save your natural tooth. If it’s become too decayed, or it’s affecting another tooth and causing dental trauma, it may be best to have the tooth removed. We’ll evaluate every case individually and determine the right option for your smile. If we recommend extraction, you can take comfort in our team. We’ll ensure you’re prepared, comfortable, and tend to whatever you may need during your procedure. You’ll receive detailed post-operative care instructions, which will promote healing and help you get back to your routine as quickly as possible. In our office, we perform minor extractions and will offer a referral for patient who need wisdom teeth removed or have bony extractions.

We’re committed to providing the most advanced restorative care possible. And that means doing it quickly and eliminating chair time for our patients. With CEREC technology, we’re able to beautifully craft customized ceramic restorations right in our office! We can take accurate digital impressions to ensure the perfect fit, and in many cases the restoration can be created while you wait. We want your dental care to be convenient and effective, and CEREC technology helps us make the most of your visit to our office. Don’t deal with temporary restorations while waiting up to two weeks for an off-site lab to deliver your permanent restoration. Don’t make multiple visits to complete the treatment. Instead, visit Connor Family Dentistry in Hendersonville and see how CEREC technology improves restorative dentistry.

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