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General Dentistry in Hendersonville

• Proactive Care for Goodlettsville Smiles •

General dentistry at Connor Family Dentistry is anything but general.


We focus on proactive care that prevents problems before they turn into larger, more complicated issues. We want your smile to last as long as possible, so we strive to keep it healthy at all levels of care.

We begin with a comprehensive exam, where we’ll evaluate your current state of oral health and formulate a specific, tailored treatment plan. Your hygiene habits are just as important, as good oral hygiene can go a long way towards preventive care. We’ll fight back against decay the moment it’s discovered, and with proper cleaning and routine care, you’ll be proactive in your attack.

Whether your smile is perfectly healthy and you’re just visiting for routine care to keep it that way, or it’s been a while since you visited the dentist and you’re not sure what’s going on inside your mouth, Connor Family Dentistry can help. Every smile has a starting point, and if you’re already off to a good start – that’s great! Let us help you keep it there and enhance your natural smile. If you need a lot of help – that’s fine too! We’re skilled at evaluating periodontal disease, providing thorough, professional cleanings, and protecting your smile.

We use technology to our advantage, allowing it to help minimize chair time and make our care for our patients more convenient. For more information on the technology we use in our general dentistry, read below.

We’re committed to helping all our patients achieve the very best smile. Schedule your appointment today and begin your dental journey with a team of trusted, dedicated professionals.

We provide thorough, detailed exams to all new patients, and repeat them as frequently as needed for your individual situation. These comprehensive exams, which include oral cancer screenings, x-rays, and periodontal care, are the first step in creating a tailored treatment plan that’s just right for your smile. We’ll evaluate how your whole mouth functions, assessing your jaws, teeth, and soft tissues. Our comprehensive exams promote the importance of overall oral wellness.

Early detection of oral cancer can be lifesaving. Oral cancer is a serious disease, and the earlier treatment begins, the more positive the prognosis. We use visual and manual screening to seek out any abnormal tissues on your cheeks, gums, tongue and other areas of your mouth where soft tissue may be present. Alcohol and tobacco use increase the risk of oral cancer, though anyone can develop the disease. It’s especially important that patients over the age of 40 get screened for oral cancer, as they are also more at risk. Ask us how early detection can save your life.

Effective diagnosis and treatment begins by seeing exactly what is going on inside your mouth. We use a variety of digital images to get under the surface of the teeth and see how things are developing. Along with our standard x-rays, we offer high-resolution digital x-rays as well, which allow us to easily share, manipulate (zoom, enhance, brighten), and explain what we see. Our panoramic x-rays provide a full view of your mouth and let us evaluate how your mouth works as a whole. We also use cone beam technology to get a very precise, high-definition digital image. This helps with dental implants and other services where precision is key.

Keeping your mouth healthy revolves around your hygiene habits. We recommend professional deep cleanings regularly. Our hygienists use Cavitron magnetoscritive scalers to remove debris from hard-to-reach places and tight spaces between teeth. Ensuring effective removal of plaque and tartar is essential for healthy gums, and we’re happy to review your current hygiene routine and adjust where necessary. All new patients receive a hygiene review at their first visit. We’re ready to help your healthy smile sparkle.

Healthy gums are just as important as strong, healthy teeth. Gum disease, also known as periodontitis, is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. Patients with receding, bleeding, or swollen gums may be affected with gum disease. When plaque bacteria isn’t effectively removed, it can harden into tartar, which causes gum disease. We’ll evaluate your situation and severity of your periodontitis, and for some patients we may recommend a thorough deep cleaning along with root scaling and planing, which will help to remove plaque and debris from the gum pockets and under your gum line. We’ll help you find the balance between healthy teeth and healthy gums for a beautiful smile.

Fluoride restores essential minerals to your enamel and can protect against decay. It is especially important for children’s developing teeth, as it helps them to grow strong and healthy. We offer fluoride treatments to kids at every visit. Adults can benefit from regular fluoride treatment if they are prone to sensitivity. Temperature changes from hot or cold foods and even air can cause major discomfort if the enamel layer is weak. Fluoride adds a barrier and can help decrease sensitivity when eating or drinking. We offer fluoride treatments to adults as needed. If you think fluoride can help you, feel free to ask us at your next visit.

Are you damaging your teeth without even realizing it? If you suffer from bruxism, also known as nighttime grinding, you just may well be. Grinding causes excess wear on the surface of the teeth, damaging your smile while you sleep. However, we have a solution! Nightguards are custom fit orthotics that you wear overnight, which will protect your teeth and keep your jaw in the right position. We also offer protective mouthguards for little athletes. Our sports mouthguards help keep their developing smiles safe during activity and are comfortable to wear. We’re here to help protect your smile.

Need to relax during a procedure? We offer nitrous oxide, an inhaled gas, that produces a calm, dream-like state, while still allowing you to be fully awake and responsive. The gas is easily controlled, and the effects wear off as soon as the gas is turned off. You’ll be back to your daily routine quickly, as there are no lasting effects.

You may not plan for a dental emergency – but we do! We set aside two slots in our daily schedule in case of emergencies. If a dental emergency strikes, we’re prepared to see you right away, and in many cases the same day! Our existing patients even have access to our doctor’s cell number for after hours emergencies. Don’t suffer with a broken tooth, toothache, abscess, or other dental emergency. Call us now and get relief quickly.

Technology is an important part of the dental care we provide. In order to maintain the highest quality of care, we use state-of-the-art technology to assist us in diagnosing and treating our patients. Our intraoral camera allows you to get the same view of the inside of your mouth that the doctor does. This helps you to make informed, educated decisions about your treatment. We can easily discuss what we see when you’re able to see the same thing. Seeing is believing. We also use soft-tissue lasers for treatments of lesions and cold sores, and in frenectomies. An alternative to traditional scalpels, the soft tissue laser promotes quicker healing and less discomfort.

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