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When you think of getting a straight, perfect smile, does the image of big, bulky metal braces come to mind? As an adult, you may want your teeth to be straighter, but aren’t a fan of having traditional metal braces in your mouth. At Connor Family Dentistry, we offer a discreet alternative to the orthodontics you knew as a child. Invisalign adult orthodontics are the leading option for patient who want to straighten their teeth without flashing a mouthful of metal every time they smile.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a series of clear plastic aligners that gradually reposition your teeth over the course of your specific treatment. Invisalign orthodontics benefit our patients in a variety of ways. They are:

  • Convenient
  • Effective
  • Discreet
  • Quick
  • Easy


We use computer technology to ensure a comfortable fit of your aligners, which are completely removable. This means you can eat whatever you like, and you can brush and floss your teeth regularly, keeping in line with your normal hygiene routine. The clear plastic of the aligners allows your teeth to show through, and blend in with your smile, making them discreet and virtually undetectable. Because they don’t require extra dental visits to tighten wires or brackets, and they gently align your teeth in less time than traditional braces, Invisalign is quicker and more convenient.

How Does Invisalign Work?

After we’ve taken impressions of your current smile, we’ll plot a course of treatment to get you the straightest smile possible. We’ll send your impressions to a certified Invisalign laboratory, where your individual aligners will be created.

When your aligners are ready, you’ll start with the first set in the series. Simply slip them on over your teeth and go. Every two weeks you’ll swap out your aligners to the next in the series. This allows your teeth to gradually shift into the correct position. We’ll evaluate your progress after approximately six weeks to ensure you’re still following the plotted course of treatment and on track to meet your goals.

Patients can expect to wear 18 to 30 different aligners on average during their treatment, which can take anywhere from 9 to 15 months in most cases. Every Invisalign story is different, as every smile is unique and requires individualized treatment.

Invisalign corrects crooked, gapped and misaligned teeth, straightening your smile comfortably and conveniently. Discover a discreet way to get a perfectly straight smile as an adult and ask us how Invisalign can change how you view adult orthodontics.

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