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Cosmetic Dentistry in Hendersonville

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Have you always wanted a perfect, beautiful smile, but think that it’s out of your reach?


Connor Family Dentistry makes advanced cosmetic dentistry accessible to patients throughout Sumner County. Dr. Amy Connor and Dr. Megan Allred can transform your dull, lifeless smile into one’s that photo-ready.

Don’t put off getting the aesthetic work your smile needs any longer. Our mix of cosmetic and restorative dental treatments not only improve the way your smile looks but promote your oral health as well. Each cosmetic service we offer benefits your smile in a variety of ways, from correcting imperfections to helping your whole mouth become healthier. We believe that a smile should function just as great as it looks, so our cosmetic dentistry keeps your total oral health at the forefront.

We provide a range

of cosmetic services for every smile, so no matter what you need to get the smile of your dreams, we’re here for you! Whether it’s a whiter, more radiant smile or an even ratio of tooth-to-gums, we can do it. Your confidence can be affected by the way your smile looks, so ensure that your showing off something that makes you proud. Whatever the reason behind your smile’s current appearance, we’re prepared to rejuvenate it and allow you to discover a whole new smile. Schedule a consultation today and come discover the smile you’ve been waiting for at Connor Family Dentistry in Hendersonville.

Don’t let chips, cracks, small gaps, uneven teeth, or discolorations stop you from having a picturesque smile. Porcelain veneers can dramatically change the appearance of your smile, restoring your confidence. Dental veneers are thin sheets of porcelain that are bonded to the surface of your teeth, creating an even, smooth smile. First, we prepare the tooth by removing a tiny amount of enamel. Next, we bond the veneers permanently to your teeth, and with proper care, will last a long time. Get a smile you’re proud to show off with porcelain veneers.

Whether it’s a little bit of work or a whole lot, we’re here to help you improve your smile. If you’re in need of a whole smile makeover, don’t worry! Our full-mouth restorations take every tooth into consideration, ensuring maximum health and functionality of your total smile. What starts with a comprehensive exam and consultation with Dr. Connor or Dr. Allred, ends with a beautiful new smile you’ve only dreamed of. Our attention-to-detail shines in every restoration we complete, as we individually address each tooth and correct issues. Get the smile you deserve, no matter what services you need, with a full-mouth restoration from Connor Family Dentistry.

Some dental restorations require a significant amount of healthy enamel to properly correct your smile. Without enough healthy enamel, you can’t support the restorations you may need. We perform crown lengthening to expose your natural enamel. While this is a surgical procedure, our team will ensure you’re comfortable and relaxed throughout. After we’ve established a secure base of enamel, we’ll place an appropriate restoration and take your smile to the next level. Crown lengthening allows you to get a complete, beautiful smile even if you can’t initially support a tooth restoration.

Do you have a “gummy” smile? If your gums are the dominant force in your smile’s appearance, the gum recontouring procedure may be right for you. By reshaping your gum tissue, we’re able to expose more enamel, evening the ratio of tooth to gums in your smile. Gum recontouring is also beneficial for patients who suffer from periodontal disease, as it shrinks the gum pockets and can make cleaning easier and more effective. With this procedure, a little is a lot, and you’ll be surprised at how much your smile can change with small amount of gum recontouring.

Composite bonding is an alternative cosmetic procedure for porcelain veneers. It’s a special type of dental artistry, which can correct chips, cracks, or ridges and transform broken teeth into a beautiful new smile. With a skilled hand, Dr. Connor will sculpt a tooth-colored composite resin onto your enamel, creating a natural and beautiful aesthetic. The resin is cured with a safe, effective light that makes it durable and set. Composite bonding can be an affordable way to improve your smile and boost your confidence. Ask us about how composite bonding can work for you!

Many of our patients equate a perfect smile with an even, balanced smile. If you have teeth that are too long, ridged, or bumpy, we may recommend a tooth recontouring procedure to even out your smile. Tooth recontouring works in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures to create a balanced, beautiful smile. We’ll reshape your enamel, shorten canine teeth that are too long or pointy, and smooth the surface of your teeth. We’ll adjust the size, shape, and length of your teeth, and correct overlapping teeth with our advanced tooth recontouring procedure.

Radiant smiles are beautiful. Many factors can affect the color of your teeth, including your diet, age, genetics, and even certain medications. Smile whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in dentistry, because everyone wants a brilliant, bright smile. We offer both in-office and take-home Illumine tooth whitening. You can whiten your teeth from 6 to 9 shades lighter in the convenience of your home, simply by using our tray-based bleaching system. The specialized formula breaks down deep stains in your enamel and brightens your teeth to give you the gorgeous smile you deserve. Don’t miss out on your best smile yet! Ask us about whitening treatments at your next visit.

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