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Dental Cleanings Can Protect Overall Health

added on: April 2, 2020
Connor Family Dentistry in Hendersonville

Spring is a time to start cleaning out our homes from being shut in all winter long, and your oral health is kind of similar to that. Without regular checkups and cleanings, damaging bacteria, acid, and plaque are able to pile up, which can lead to problems. However, the risks of these dangers don’t stop at your mouth. In fact, oral health is strongly connected to your overall health, and visiting your dentist in Hendersonville at least twice a year can help protect you against both the risks of oral and overall health problems. 

Isn’t Brushing & Flossing Enough? 

Even if you practice a great oral hygiene routine in the comfort of your home by brushing twice a day and flossing once a day, you may not be fully protecting yourself against some of the dangers lurking in our mouths. Professional dental cleanings and comprehensive checkups can catch potential problems early and do wonders in keeping both your mouth and your body healthy. 

Dental X-Rays 

One of the things you’ll usually experience at one of your bi-annual dental visits is having x-rays taken. These often digital photos allow your dentist in Hendersonville to take a peek under the surface of your teeth and gums to get a full picture of what’s going on in your mouth. Images created from x-rays can allow your dental team to catch any decay that may not yet be visible to the naked eye. When decay is caught early, it’s treated easily and protects you against the need for advanced dental treatment such as root canals or even tooth loss. X-rays can even help diagnose an abscess (infection). If not treated, a dental abscess can affect overall health and lead to: 

  • Tooth loss
  • Sinus infection
  • Bacterial endocarditis (when the infection makes its way to the heart)
  • Infection in the face and jaw which can restrict the airway (Ludwig’s angina)

Oral & Overall Health

As we’ve mentioned before, there is a strong connection between oral health and overall health. For example, gum disease can potentially be a serious infection that can easily contribute to health problems outside of the mouth. If not treated promptly and it’s allowed to progress, gum disease puts patients at an increased risk of heart disease, respiratory disease, and diabetes. 

But that’s not all. Many whole-body diseases may first show signs in the mouth including diabetes, kidney disease, certain cancers, and heart disease. The sooner these health concerns are diagnosed, the more successful treatment tends to be. This is one reason you should see your dentist in Hendersonville every six months. 

Your dentist will usually recommend that you schedule and complete an appointment twice a year. However, if you’re at higher risk for some of the problems listed above you may be asked to be seen more often. These preventive appointments can go a long way in not only protecting your smile and oral health but your overall, whole-body health as well. 

If you’ve been putting off your dental checkup and cleaning, call to schedule an appointment today. 

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